Dear ICVS members

Owing to the pandemic, we will not be able to hold our 2021 meeting in Crete as planned.  After this unhappy year, many of us will have been looking forward to spending some time in Crete this coming summer.  The officers of ICVS have had numerous discussions amongst ourselves and with Thanasis Panorgias, the lead organizer of our planned meeting in Heraklion, but we do not believe it is feasible to go ahead.

The result of our discussions is the following plan, which has been approved by the Board of directors. Basically, it is a reset of the calendar, meaning that:

1.  We will extend the current membership for one additional year without charging dues.
2.  We will extend the terms of office for the Board and Executive Officers by one year.
3.  All future symposia will occur in even years.  The meeting in Crete will thus occur
  in 2022; exact dates to be determined.
4.  New memberships will start on Jan. 1st of even years.

We will let you know further details as well as plans for the next ICVS Summer School as they become available.

Best wishes for the New Year,
John, Jack, Neil and the Board of Directors